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When you have issues with your mental health, it becomes part of you. Unfortunately, this means you can't turn it off when you don't want to deal with it anymore or when you go to certain places. That's why areas of employment need to begin to support and make adjustments for staff facing mental health issues the same way as if they have a staff member with a broken leg, for instance. At Sussex Partnership, we understand this and know we need to care for our staff's mental health as much as we care for our users. This is why we offer a team a range of support options.

Our services are located in some of the most diverse communities and towns in south-east England. As a Trust, we want to represent our communities in our workforce. Doing so helps us deliver more beneficial care to users, as we can offer care for staff who can relate to life experiences. Nia Thomas is part of the team to ensure we can provide a diverse and inclusive environment at the Trust. I spoke to her to learn more about her role and plans for future projects.


One of the biggest assets we have at SPFT is our location. As we are so close to our beautiful coastlines and countryside, we can use them to help our service users on their recovery journey. We have found that spending time in nature has helped with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, along with bringing a sense of purpose from things like gardening. However, as the planet faces issues with climate change, spaces like this are becoming threatened. The climate emergency is a health emergency with direct and immediate consequences for our users, community, and Trust. That's why at Sussex Partnership, we have pledged to reach net zero on our carbon emissions by 2040 via our Green Plan.


At Sussex Partnership, our staff networks are a great resource to ensure everyone feels valued and has a place to speak to people with similar life experiences. Not only this, but our networks help shape and direct the conversation to be more inclusive and provide a way for senior management and staff groups to speak about issues they may face. This is why we are excited to add our Armed Forces Staff Network to the list we can offer our staff at the Trust.

Everyone experiences mental health in different ways, which means that each person's treatment needs are different. Amanda Bryden-Pitt leads our team, helping us deliver the right care to our service users. Take a listen below to find out more about our Single Point of Access service.

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