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Mental health is ever evolving. Every day mental health issues are changing and developing different symptoms and new types. However, we are also developing new and better care pathways to help improve the lives of those living with mental health. This is why our Sussex Recovery College is vital to improving our care and helping us understand the changing landscape of mental health.

At Sussex partnership, we want to ensure that when our service users come to us for treatment, we can set them on the path to recovery as soon as possible. However, as the need for our service increases, we find that our sites need to expand to ensure we can deliver beneficial care. 

When receiving treatment, visiting one of our sites can be scary for some service users. That’s where our Home Intervention Treatment Team comes in. We spoke to Lara Luxon, who works in the team as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, about her role and how treatment at home can be beneficial.

Mental health issues don't wait for you to become a certain age. Anyone at any age can face the battle. That's why it's crucial to teach younger people that it's ok to seek out help and it's ok not to be ok. Our charity, Heads On, wants to help get the message out there, which is why they have launched their new project to get schools talking this Mental Health Day.

While working at Sussex Partnership, our staff spend each day improving the lives of our users. Be it via patient-facing work or behind the scenes making sure that we ensure the trust provides the best care possible. Our staff do amazing work, which is why we believe that the working environment and rewards we offer should show our thanks. While working at SPFT, we want you to feel you're supported with whatever life throws your way.

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