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While receiving treatment at Sussex Partnership, we want to work with our service users to help them have as much independence as possible and live fulfilling, active and healthy lives. That’s why our Allied health professionals at the trust are such a vital part of our team. They work with our service users to live independently in the community or help them find a place where they can be offered supported living that meets their needs. Helping people to improve their health and wellbeing in this way is a privilege, and the results are hugely rewarding.
So, what makes working as an Allied health professional with us different? While working at the trust, we aim to support and nurture you so that you can achieve your career goals. This is why our staff have the opportunity to undertake up-to-date, relevant training for their career field along with apprenticeship opportunities. In addition to this, we also want to help the next generation of allied health professionals who will be graduating soon. We work with local universities to offer practice placements, education and support to all students who are currently training. This helps ensure that we can give new graduates a place to develop into safe, competent and reflective practitioners. They also get the chance to register with the Health and Care Professions Council as a plus!
Following this, as a Trust we are always looking to expand the treatment options we can offer our service users. That’s why we have staff members working as part of seven of the fourteen AHP professions, from Occupational therapists to more creative outlets like Art and Music therapists. This helps us have more options to ensure that we can help anyone who walks into our sites to the best of our ability. Lastly, we aim to make sure that our staff doesn’t feel isolated in their role. That’s why Allied health professionals meet and work with a diverse range of teams working at the trust. 
We have over 500 allied health professionals at Sussex Partnership all working to make sure that we can offer an alternative therapy to help our service users get the best treatment for them. Whatever your interest or skills, you can find a career to suit you.  

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