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While working at Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, we want you to feel supported and listened to no matter your sexual orientation. To ensure that we always have a voice in the conversation as we progress and improve our services, we have our Time Out LGBTQI+ Network.


Our Time Out LGBTQI+ Network exist to support staff and help give an LGBTQI+ viewpoint to trust-based initiatives. The network is run by staff for staff, so each member has first-hand experience of the day to day life of working for us. They aim to help and support members on personal issues both in and out of the workplace and local, national, and international issues. Occasionally the network will also ask relevant speakers to come in to chat about their lives. The network also is partnered and works with the Stonewall 'Straight Allies' model. This means that they welcome all staff who want to help develop better support for LGBTQI+ people in the trust, rather than exclusively being for LGBTQI+ people. The network also offers staff the chance to show support even in scrubs with their rainbow lanyards. So far, we have handed over 1500 rainbow lanyards to our staff at SPFT. The rainbow lanyard is a visual symbol of commitment to showing solidarity and support for the LGBTQI community. Fancy coming to a meeting? The network meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to discuss any issues they are facing; along with plans for the future of the network. They also meet up on the last week of the month for a cheeky after work drink and a chat.  

Most recently, the network confirmed Sussex Partnership's participation with the Trans Pride Brighton community stall and march on 16 July 2022, along with marching in the Brighton Pride Parade on 6 August 2022. The theme of Brighton Pride this year is Love, Protest & Unity, and we want to make sure that our trust is represented. Our staff will participate in the parade, join the march and get involved with various roles including; decorating, stewarding and more! We want to make sure that we are inclusive as possible, so we are inviting any staff who want to get involved to drop a message to the Time Out team and join us for a great event!

To keep up to date with all the goings on of the network follow their twitter account here

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