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When treating mental health, there is no one size fits all care plan for our service users. Some people find it easier to sit and speak to our staff about their issues, but some need a bit more creative outlet to help express themselves and better explain what they are going through. Because of this, Sussex Partnership offers our users a range of creative therapy methods via our Allied health professionals who work across the trust.  Be it through getting the paints out and getting arty or simply playing a song which speaks what you could never put into words. We want to make sure we can offer each person who comes to us for help a way to express what they are feeling.

There are three main forms of creative therapy which we practice at SPFT. These are;

Art therapy

Art therapy uses art as a form of psychotherapy to encourage our service users to explore a variety of issues they may be facing. This includes but is not limited to emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions, neurological conditions or physical illnesses. We have found that regardless of age or ability (no need to be Picasso), our users can use art therapy in this way as an aid to support them with their treatment and help them get what they are dealing with across clearer.

Drama therapy

Drama therapists are both clinicians and artists that draw on their knowledge of theatre/drama and therapy to use performing arts as a medium for psychological therapy. Drama therapy can be a great tool for our users, as though it they have the ability to explore a wide variety of different issues and needs from autism and dementia to physical/sexual abuse and mental illness. As they say, sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Music therapy

Music therapy allows our service users to engage in live musical interaction to promote their emotional well-being and improve communication skills. Users do not need any previous experience playing a musical instrument (or even singing). This established psychological clinical intervention utilises their unique connection to music and the relationship established with their therapist to help; develop and facilitate communication, improve self-confidence and Improve their concentration and attention. Most recently, as part of our charity Heads On 'Make Your Mark' event, we partnered with famous DJ Fatboy Slim to host a DJ music masterclass. Last month six people with severe mental illness came together to learn the skills of being a DJ, sharing the joy of music in the beautiful surroundings of Rockwater on Hove seafront.


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