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Being a healthcare support worker is an incredibly rewarding job. Healthcare support workers care for service users on a day-to-day basis. They are central to running Sussex Partnership, supporting nurses, doctors and other staff to provide top-quality care. Each day our outstanding support staff work with users and help support their personal and mental wellbeing and improve their lives. As part of Nursing support worker day on Wednesday, November 24th, we spoke to Mandy Burton, the interim Chief Nursing Officer at Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust. Mandy started her career with us as a support worker on one of our wards in Hampshire before climbing the ranks and ending up in her current role.


What did your role as a Nursing support worker entail?

I worked as a support worker during my nurse training and prior to qualification on an inpatient Children and Yong people ward based in Hampshire. I remember while working there, I was very valued as a member of the team. My skills were enhanced by on the job training. It supported my understanding of caring for Children and Yong people with a range of presentations, including eating disorders, early first episode psychosis and severe depression. It made my job as a Band 5 nurse easier as I knew what to expect and was prepared to facilitate the community meetings.

What was your favourite thing about working as a Nursing support worker?

As health care support workers, we have the privilege of caring for people at their most vulnerable through some of the most challenging times in their lives and supporting them in a highly personalised way towards recovery. My favourite thing was being able to work as a team. I am still in touch with a support worker I worked with who remained one and has huge experience, respect and expertise.


What would you say makes working as a Nursing support worker different at the Trust?

We have high levels of staff in this role, meaning there are plenty of people to work alongside and help you. Our healthcare support workers are a friendly, supportive and dedicated group with a good sense of fun but are also professional. We also have a good management structure, meaning you have robust support from all levels. This is also a role with good job security, benefits and pay. You also have the opportunity to work bank shifts in addition to your regular schedule, should you wish to do so.


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