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Are you looking for a fitness challenge or a way to stay motivated to achieve those fitness goals? We are asking our staff and you to lace up your shoes (or jump in the pool) and join the NHS 1000-mile challenge. The NHS is turning 75 on 5th July 2023, and to celebrate NHS staff and supporters of the service up and down the country are joining in to celebrate. Those taking part are encouraged to walk, run, swim or cycle (or a combination if you like!) a distance of 1,000 miles before July. That's only an average of 2.74 miles per day.

Participants are asked to keep a record of their weekly miles. They are invited to share their progress and how they have been chipping away at the miles via Twitter on Sunday nights at 7.30 pm using the hashtag #NHS1000miles. Participating in the challenge is free; however, we encourage you to get sponsored if you want to. Raise some money and get fit; what could be better?

So, you want to take part? That's great! Simply follow the steps below:

  • Track your miles through this dedicated spreadsheet or join the Strava group 
  • Share your weekly mileage at the Twitter' check-in' – Sundays, 7.30 pm (use/search the hashtag #NHS1000miles)
  • Get moving and start your new exercise challenge!

As well as being a great way to mark our birthday, physical activity is a great way to help with both your mental and physical health. It's been found that even a brief, ten-minute walk is as good at relieving anxiety as a 45-minute workout, thanks to walking's ability to lower stress. Exercise can: improve your sleep, clear your mind, and boost your energy.

You can get more information about the benefits of exercise – and tips for being more active – on the NHS website. An excellent way to start could be 'NHS Couch to 5K'. You could also participate in your local park run, walk, or volunteer!

Good luck with your NHS1000 mile challenge!

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