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Everyone has a different path in life which has led them up to this point. This means that each of us has had different experiences, which have shaped the way we are and given us knowledge about how to help someone facing the same things we do. At Sussex Partnership, we believe this is a valuable resource and aim to provide places for people to help each other whenever possible. Wherever it's by past or current service users, helping to shape the service we provide via our Experts by Experience Programme or our research studies, we run to look into better treatments. We also know that our local communities are full of people looking to do some good, which is why we offer our Volunteer Service at the Trust.
Our Volunteer Service recruits, trains and provides ongoing support to volunteers in various projects across our services. We welcome volunteers from all areas of our diverse community who feel they have something to offer to help us enhance the service we provide to our service users. Our volunteers get involved in a wide range of activities across our services, supporting our teams to provide the best experience. From a chat over a brew to arranging quizzes, spending time together gardening or making music, you will provide a fundamental change to our users' lives.
We have found that volunteering has been beneficial not only to our users but also volunteers. From speaking to past volunteers, we have found that it has helped recent graduates gain experience in healthcare, along with one person saying that it has helped them learn how to be resilient during difficult times in their life.
We welcome volunteers from all walks of life. All that we ask is that you are over 18, have the right to work in the UK and are available to volunteer regularly at least once a week for six months. If you answered yes to all of that, then we would love to hear from you!

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