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Being a young person is tough, being a young person with mental health issues makes it even harder. This is where our wonderful CAMHS team comes in. Our specialist teams help children and young people, their families and carers, when they are experiencing mental health difficulties. I spoke to Dora Gouveia-Schofield about her role as a Community CAMHS team social worker, along with what a typical day looks like.


Tell me a bit about your role?

I am a team manager for a Community CAMHS team.

What is a typical day in your Social workers role?

I meet with my team first thing in the morning and we discuss any duty tasks that need to be covered for the day and plan. I supervise approximately 25 clinicians and my day can be part meetings/part supervisions and the overall running of a very busy service. Part of this can be dealing with emergencies (children in hospital), complaints, attending multi agency meetings to contribute to planning, speaking to parents and young people.

What would you say makes your role different than any other at the trust?

I don’t deliver therapy to children or work directly with children and families which is quite different from other SWS across the service employed to work directly with children, complete initial assessments, case hold and support a team.

Social work involves working with the community a lot. Do you find that its rewarding to do that instead of just one to one work?

I miss working with children and completing one to one work. My job is mainly to organise, manage a group of clinicians rather than engage with the community directly.

Why is working at Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust different than any other place?

I started working for the Trust this year in May. Prior to that I worked in Local Authorities as a social worker, team manager and service manager. My experience of statutory service and local authorities is completely different from working for the Trust. I often refer to it as moving to another country and learning a new language.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing on your first day what would it be?

Take it one day at a time and you will get there! Slow down!


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