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At Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, we want to make sure that everyone who works for us feels like part of our team. That’s why we offer the best support and career progression to all our staff including our bank workers. We spoke to Amy Fuller about her journey from an agency worker to being a Staff Nurse at SPFT.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your journey from agency to permeant worker?

I have worked on and off for the trust for 13 years now. I started as a HCA and then went on to qualify as a nurse. Over the past few years whilst my children were small I found that the flexibility of agency work worked better for me. I did agency work for a couple of years before returning to the trust to take on a more permanent role. I have found that the trust is very accommodating and flexible which has made it easy to fit my work in with my home life.


What would you say is the biggest difference between being a bank member compared to a permeant one?

I would say the assurance that you get with being a permeant member. I don’t have to worry any more about how many shifts I'm getting. I found I would often over work as bank or agency because I would be worried I might not get enough shifts the following month. I always did get enough shifts but its neve guaranteed. If me or the children are unwell then I don’t need to worry about loosing out on money now either. I find it much less stressful.


Did you find that when you became a permeant member it helped you feel more like part of the trust?

To be honest when I was working agency and bank on the wards I always felt like I was part of the team anyway. Becoming permeant has solidified that and it is nice to feel more secure within a team. It does give my role more purpose.



Most bank worker like that they have flexible working while on the bank team. What can Sussex Partnership offer for their permeant team?

This is true, but the partnership is very flexible with shift patterns and accommodating people. I would say if that is a worry then just ask what can be done to help you because there are options.



Adding on to this, while on our bank team you get to pick your shifts, are you fixed with you shift hours?

I personally am because this is the role that I have undertaken, however the wards are very accommodating to shift patterns and to people needing fixed shifts. I would say if that it's a concern then just ask if you can be accommodated. People will try to help and you would then get the perks of being permeant.


At the Partnership, we offer a lot of perks for joining us. What is some of the stand out ones we can offer if they join us on a permeant contract?

Travel season ticket was a big thing for me because I didn’t get that as a bank member of staff. I was also surprised the employer pension contributions. That was a lot of money that I hadn’t even considered I was losing when I was doing the agency work. The golden hello and the relocation bonuses are also really generous.


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