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Our Return to Practice programme helps past staff or new starters get back into the Mental Health sector after a period of absence. 

To help ensure that we can offer the best return to work training possible, we have partnered with the University of Brighton to deliver the programme. During this period our aim is to help you regain your skills, experience and knowledge to enable you to reactivate your NMC registration and get back to doing what you love. As part of the programme you will also participate in a minimum of 150 hours in a clinical placement to practice your skills you have learnt; so, you can get real hands on experience instead of just sitting in a classroom being spoken to. We understand that the reasons why you had to step away from the job don’t always go away, that’s why our programme is part-time so you can fit it in to work with you.

"I’ve had an amazing career within Sussex Partnership, from a student nurse in the 80s, to working in forensics when newly qualified. I've had three children and various lengths of maternity leave, and have come back to part time posts and felt valued."

RMN | Forensic Healthcare

During this whole process, SPFT will support you to ensure that you can get the most out of you time. We do this by; paying for your course so that you don’t need to worry about student loans, support you in finding a placement so you can practice what you have learnt, along with many extra bonuses. Throughout the programme you will be allocated a Practice Assessor and Practice Supervisor to support your practice experience, and help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

On successful completion of the programme, we will help you to apply for a post at Sussex Partnership. In addition to this, we will also deliver you continuous professional development either through our Preceptorship Programme along with access to courses to help you constantly improve in your career.

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