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While working for Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, you don’t always need to be working in a patient caring role to help make a meaningful change in the life of a person with mental health. Our range of support services helps keep everything running in the background; so that we can deliver the best and most up to date care to our users. This can be from giving users a warm welcome when they first step into our sites to recruiting the best medical staff to bring new care methods and ideas to the Trust.

In all aspects of the services we provide, you will find someone in our support services who works in the background to ensure the smooth running of the department. Our support services take on the challenge of problem-solving for our colleagues, and coming up with solutions can be very rewarding. Our support services cover the following places:


Our admin team are the first face our service users see when they decide to receive care from us. Along with this, they also provide support to our clinical and non-clinical staff. For example, this includes maintaining patient records and dealing with external enquiries to the Trust.


The Communications team help promote all the wonderful things which go on in the Trust. This can either be through our social media channels or internally by keeping everyone up to date on the staff email and internet. They are also lead the planning of our award ceremonies to celebrate our staff and their accomplishments.

Estates and facilities

The Estates and facilities are one of the largest staff groups within our Trust. The team make sure that all our sites maintain a high standard of quality, along with accommodation for patients and staff, whilst also managing resources effectively. The department includes estates, facilities, property management and projects. Together, they help ensure that we can deliver our services in the best environment possible.


A skilled, technical and professional team in charge of collecting revenue, paying bills, and maintaining financial records to inform data-driven decisions about the Partnerships future and growth.

HR and recruitment

Our Recruitment team help us ensure that we hire the best people to join our Trust. Similar to the Commutations team, they promote our recruitment opportunities via our recruitment social media channels. In addition to this, they also create recruitment events. Once you have received a job offer, they also help you go through the onboarding process to you are not left to struggle through. After you have joined us, you are actively looked after by our HR team who work to ensure you feel valued while working at SPFT.  


Our IT team are responsible for maintaining and supporting the wide range of essential systems that our staff and services rely on.


From new laptops to pens, our Procurement team help ensure that staff have everything they need to ensure we can run the Trust effectively as possible.

As a Trust, we actively support and nurture long term career development in clinical and non-clinical roles. While working at Sussex Partnership, you will be offered a broad range of training opportunities. We provide a range of Apprenticeships in all our support service roles, where you can work while undertaking. However, we encourage you to apply for anything you may be interested in, regardless of the current job you are in.

Being a large Trust means that available roles and required tasks are particularly varied, and as a trust, we work with a wide range of different people. Sussex Partnership is a flexible Trust that supports individual working needs and values the happiness and satisfaction of every one of our team members.


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