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When you come and work at Sussex Partnership, we want to ensure that we can give you every opportunity to progress in your career, build your knowledge base and develop your skill set. We are committed to helping you advance your career by offering a range of courses and work-based learning opportunities. We believe that when you help your team improve, you can provide service users with the best treatment. The two main ways we offer this are through Preceptorships and Apprenticeships.



At the Trust, we believe apprenticeships are an excellent way for our staff to expand their skills and bring new forms of care into the Trust. An apprenticeship at Sussex Partnership involves a mix of hands-on training in the workplace and more traditional off-the-job learning via virtual lessons. While on your apprenticeship, you will be doing meaningful work which makes a difference to the community and our users, not just running around making tea and photocopying things. The work will be varied, so you can get a feel for what the Trust does.

Following this, you will have the opportunity to study and work at the same time for good pay. While studying, you will receive support from a mentor while working. You will have regular meetings with them, where you can share your thoughts and ask any questions. Additionally, you will be invited to our Apprentice Support Groups. The Groups are hosted online, so everyone can attend no matter what site they are based. They aim to be a place to chat with other people at the Trust and share your experiences and victories.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you can turn your position into a permanent one at the Trust. Apprenticeships are a great way to expand your career opportunities while not worrying about keeping the bills at bay.



Are you qualified and looking for your first role, or one of our staff members looking to get back into the job after needing to step away? A Preceptorship is the right fit for you! Our Preceptorships are mainly for graduate students starting their careers in healthcare, but are also great for people who have come to us from another service and would benefit from a bit of extra support.

Preceptorships are for both Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. Throughout your Preceptorship, you will engage with your work in a safe and friendly environment for a fixed period which best suits you (between six months to a year). While working, you will receive plenty of support from our excellent staff, as we know that you are new to or returning to the role and that you may need time to get used to the day-to-day life at our Trust. Throughout your Preceptorship, you will have a Preceptor. A Preceptor will be there to support you, help with any questions, and assist with tasks that might seem a bit daunting in your first few months. Preceptorships at the Trust are a great way for us to show you that you haven’t been thrown into a role and forgotten. To best put it, we will help, support, and nurture you to ensure you become the best you can be! We run two courses a year, generally starting in November and May.


From day one at the Trust, you will be encouraged to learn at your most comfortable pace. We will work alongside you to give you the best training environment to help you thrive in your new role while feeling like you are part of a team that will support you with every step of your new and exciting journey.


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