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Healthcare Assistant Recruitment Webinar (Chalkhill Hospital)

Date: Thursday 7th April 2022
Eventbrite Webinar - Virtual Event

Sussex Partnership are delighted to invite you to our latest webinar for Healthcare Assistants (HCA's) interested in working with Sussex Partnership at our Chalkhill site. Whether you are just starting working in care or have years of experience behind you, we're looking for caring and compassionate people who are looking for a new challenge.

Working with children and young people might not be something you've thought about before so we want to tell you a bit about how brilliant it can be!

During this webinar, we will be exploring the day-to-day life at Chalkhill as a HCA, the challenges, as well as the many rewards and benefits of the role.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

How do I become a HCA?

Do I need to have previous experience?

What will I be doing?

Pete Maguire & Kieran Ramburn will discuss what's it like to work at Chalkhill

What training is provided?

What development opportunities are there?

How do I apply?

There will also be a Q&A session at the end.

About Chalkhill Hospital

Chalkhill is Sussex’s only mental health inpatient unit for young people, supporting over 8,750 children and adolescents each year.

The unit provides day care, outreach, and – where absolutely necessary and appropriate – inpatient services for young people with a range of mental health needs. These include eating disorders, emotional based needs, depression and early-onset psychosis.

Your unique experience and career background could bring exactly what we need to our team, but most importantly the lives of our children and young people. Please think about sharing your expertise with us - we already know that working with children and young people is rewarding, challenging, inspiring and life changing and we'd love you to experience that too.


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