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At Sussex Partnership, when our users come to us to begin their recovery journey, we want to ensure they receive the best care possible. To achieve this, we are always looking at ways to find staff who can help us deliver this vision. This is why we are launching our brand new ‘refer a nursing friend’ scheme! 

For people dealing with more complex issues, a hospital stay is sometimes needed to help them get onto the path to recovery. That is where our incredible team across our trust help our service users gain the skills to deal with whatever life throws them. However, users may feel detached from their support network when they stay with us. To help with this, we have been researching and creating our Reducing Length of Stay Quality Improvement Programme at Sussex Partnership.

When our service users come to us for help, we want to ensure that we can get them on the best course of recovery as soon as possible. Our West Sussex Single Point of Access team helps us achieve this for young people accessing our service. We spoke to Candy Orozco, a Senior Clinician in our CAMHS Single Point of Access service, about her role and what a day in the role is like.

While working at the trust, we want to ensure that our staff have opportunities to step away from work and focus on their wellbeing. Be it through our excellent team-organised away days, to our trust set up activities to help our team improve their mental and physical health. Because how can our team deliver the best care to our users if they are not in the best form?

Mental health is ever evolving. Every day mental health issues are changing and developing different symptoms and new types. However, we are also developing new and better care pathways to help improve the lives of those living with mental health. This is why our Sussex Recovery College is vital to improving our care and helping us understand the changing landscape of mental health.

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