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When treating mental health, there is no one size fits all care plan for our service users. Some people find it easier to sit and speak to our staff about their issues, but some need a bit more creative outlet to help express themselves and better explain what they are going through. Because of this, Sussex Partnership offers our users a range of creative therapy methods via our Allied health professionals who work across the trust.


When a service user arrives at the part of their recovery journey where they are able to leave our wards, it is vital they have a place to go to ensure they can progress along their journey. To ensure this, we have teamed up with health and care organisations across Sussex to provide a way for our users to have access to housing and a safe place to live while they recover.

When helping our service users, the largest part of recovery for them happens outside of our sites. This means that we need to work with communities to help provide environments for our users to receive support. We spoke to Tara Becker who is a Family Intervention Practitioner, about her role along with how we work with families to make sure that the treatment we provide can be beneficial.


When providing care and treatment to those with mental health, Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust wants to ensure that we can offer the best service possible. This is why we are always looking at ways to improve the care we provide through research or bringing new ideas in via our preceptorship academy. This ensures that we are always able to provide new and innovative ways of working at the trust and deliver care to our users which works for them.

Being a young person is hard in 2022 at the best of times. Dealing with your mental health and everything that growing up throws at you only adds to this. Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust wants to help relieve some of the pressure on young people by offering them support on a range of issues they may be facing with their mental health, along with giving them places to voice their options on how they feel services help them

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