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At Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, our staff do amazing things each day to ensure that our service users receive the care and compassion they need to start their recovery journey. However, like anyone, our staff are human and need some care when experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. This is where our Staff in Mind Wellbeing Support Hub comes in to ensure that our staff feel just as taken care of as our service users.

We spoke to Kieran Nawathe who is staff nurse working on Amber ward; about what a typical day is like and how music can help brighten a mood.


Life can be hectic, whether you are trying to fit all the responsibilities you have into the day or needing a bit of extra cash for that unexpected bill. This is where working for our bank team can give a helping hand.

While receiving treatment at Sussex Partnership, we want to work with our service users to help them have as much independence as possible and live fulfilling, active and healthy lives. That’s why our Allied health professionals at the trust are such a vital part of our team.

When you come and work at Sussex Partnership, we want to ensure that we can give you every opportunity to progress in your career, build your knowledge base and develop your skill set. We are committed to helping you advance your career by offering a range of courses and work-based learning opportunities. We believe that when you help your team improve, you can provide service users with the best treatment. The two main ways we offer this are through Preceptorships and Apprenticeships.

We’d love for you to join our team

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