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Not all mental health issues can be helped on a hospital ward. Sometimes you need to look into the wider world and work towards changing it to be a more inclusive and tolerant place. That's where our social workers at Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust come into play.

Getting back into work after a period of unemployment can be hard. This has only become harder due to the pandemic, with the amount of job seekers increasing and businesses shutting down. This is where the Kickstart Scheme comes to the rescue.

Starting a new job can be scary at the best of times. Will I fit in? Can I do the job well? Starting a job with a mental health diagnoses adds another layer to top of those common worries.

The work our staff do at Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust is invaluable, so we believe that the working environment and rewards we offer should show our thanks. The Trust believes that when our staff are happy and cared for, the care and compassion get passed on to the people we look out for.

Staff networks are a great way for everyone to feel valued and have a place to belong in the company. Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust believes in this, so much so that we have seven of them! The three main aims of our networks are;

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