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We provide a comprehensive service to support children and young people who are affected by mental health conditions. Our services cover East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton & Hove and Hampshire.

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Our specialist teams help children and young people, their families and carers, when they are experiencing mental health difficulties. We provide services across a variety of settings, including GP surgeries, clinics, hospitals and schools. We support young people experiencing a range of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and psychosis.

We work hard to ensure that all of our teams are trained in helping the children and young people using our services to acknowledge and understand why they might be feeling and behaving in a certain way, and support them in their recovery to overcome these difficulties with the most appropriate interventions.

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We listen

As the needs of children and young people are constantly changing, we are doing everything we can to make sure that our services reflect this. We regularly seek feedback from our service users, their families, carers and friends to ensure we are providing safe, responsive and effective care. We listen to suggestions and make changes to improve our services. Examples of this include:

  • Our brand new ‘blended digital and face-to-face’ service in Hampshire, where young people can receive treatment digitally/online as well as in-person
  • Our new Instagram live sessions for young people in East Sussex

Our services

The mental health conditions we see in young people are wide-ranging and therefore our service provision reflects this. We provide inpatient services, urgent care services and a variety of community services, including:

Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP)

Family Eating Disorders

Specialist Perinatal Mental Health

Intensive support services

Long term psychotherapy and specialist therapies

(e.g. CBT Therapy)

Specialist services for children in care

You can find more information at our Sussex and Hampshire CAMHS websites below: /

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