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Our forensic healthcare services provide medium-secure and low-secure inpatient services for individuals aged over 18 who have mental health problems and have become involved with the criminal justice system.

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Our services

We provide forensic healthcare services across Sussex, hospitals in East Sussex and West Sussex.

Our service provision also includes ‘Forensic Outreach and Liaison Services’ and the ‘Sussex Liaison and Diversion Service’, both of which provide community-based care and support our goal of reintegrating our service users back into their communities.

Our care

We work with people whose mental health needs are best managed within a secure environment. By offering a range of recovery focused interventions, underpinned by research, we support people to gain independence and have control and meaning in their lives.


Working in Forensic Healthcare Services

Forensic mental health is a unique and fascinating field where criminal justice processes and mental health care interface, creating a wonderfully rewarding and varied range of opportunities for careers and career progression. From supporting service users in their homes and communities, to working with prisons, courts, police and probation services, to offering inpatient treatment, the contexts are wide ranging and dynamic.

The people who use our services require skilled and compassionate staff to build trusting and safe therapeutic relationships, which support their recovery as they come to terms with a criminal act, engage with mental health treatment and move along the secure pathway towards a safe and rewarding life. To provide evidence-based treatment requires team members to be committed, thoughtful, hopeful, well supported and collaborative. Most of all, our team members must be patient-centred at all times, and be ready to see the person they are working with, not just the crime or the diagnosis.

Latest forensic vacancies

To apply to join our forensic healthcare team and find out about current opportunities, go to our jobs feed.

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