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We provide specialist health learning disability services for people living in East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove, including community teams, a specialist inpatient service and a domiciliary care agency. We also provide a neurodevelopmental service that covers East Sussex and Brighton & Hove – a small service that provides diagnostic assessments and a specialist team which supports autistic people to avoid unnecessary inpatient admissions and speed up their discharge.

Mill View Hostpital

Our Vision

Together we will enable people to live better with their learning disability and/or autism.

Our staff play their part in achieving our vision by:

  • Working with people with a learning disability and autistic people as partners in their care
  • Providing quality specialist healthcare services from our community teams and promoting healthy lives to minimise the need for inpatient care
  • Helping others to make adjustments in order to understand communication issues, improve access to healthcare and challenge discriminatory practices
  • Providing quality domiciliary care services for people with a learning disability who are at risk of social exclusion and long-term inpatient care
  • Offering local, quality specialist inpatient care when needed
  • Providing specialist diagnostic assessments
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Our services

  • Community learning disability teams: We work closely with local authorities and other organisations to support people with learning disabilities and their families and carers
  • Partnership Domiciliary Care Agency: We provide specialist care to individuals with learning disabilities in their own home. We currently have 14 flats situated across two sites in Eastbourne, East Sussex
  • Inpatient services: We provide a 10 bedded inpatient service for people with a learning disability who require intensive assessment, intervention and support based at The Selden Centre in Worthing.

Latest learning disability and neurodevelopmental vacancies

To apply to join our learning disability and neurodevelopmental services, and find out about current opportunities, go to our jobs feed.

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