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We have forged strong partnerships with other health and care providers across Sussex and Hampshire, including:

  • Local authorities
  • Charities
  • Private healthcare organisations
  • Community NHS health providers
  • Acute NHS health providers
  • and much more...

We know that our success in providing excellent care to our communities goes hand-in-hand with our partners success, so we are proud to share their vacancies with you.


Vacancies with our partner organisations:

West Sussex County Council have a number of vacancies available in their 'Combined Placement and Sourcing Team' (CPST):

  • Placement and Sourcing Assistant
  • Data Officer
  • Care and Support Broker
  • Placement and Sourcing Deputy Lead
  • Placement and Sourcing Lead 

The CPST was a brand new team established in April 2020 as a vital part of our COVID-19 response to support local communities and residents. They work across health and social care to ensure that people in hospital are effectively and supportively discharged. This gets people back to their lives and the place that they call home in the timely way that they need.

You can find more information about these vacanies here


Hampshire County Council have opportunities available ranging from volunteering, temp work, fixed-term or permanent roles.

With a new Children's Home in Romsey, Hampshire due to open in Summer 2023, we have a number of vacancies coming up. Hockley House will meet the complex needs of an identified cohort of children and young people who have significant emotional, behavioural, and mental health needs which do not meet the criteria for detention and treatment in hospital, or the threshold for secure accommodation, but require a high level of support.  

The latest opportunity we have available is for a Children's Home Residential Manager

You can find more information about this vacancy here

We’d love for you to join our team

To apply to join us, and find out more about current opportunities, go to our jobs feed.

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