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At Sussex Partnership, we are committed to supporting your psychiatry career by finding the role that is the right fit for you.

A career in psychiatry is about people – the people we work for, the people we work with, and the people we want to become. It is an extremely rewarding and varied career path. As a psychiatrist at Sussex Partnership, you have the opportunity to work with people of all different ages, backgrounds and circumstances. Our opportunities are widespread and span all of Sussex, as well as including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Hampshire.

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What a career in psychiatry has to offer

Psychiatry is about making a difference. At the heart of this role is listening to people's stories and helping them overcome challenges in their lives. As a psychiatrist, you have the opportunity to improve people's lives in hugely impactful ways, and see tangible results because of your work. It is a fascinating role suited to people who enjoy challenging but rewarding work.

No two psychiatrists' careers are the same. As this is an extremely varied job, there are opportunities to work in inpatient and community settings across a wide range of specialist mental health, learning disability and forensic services, and specialise in what interests you most.

Research underpins all the work that we do. A career in psychiatry means being on the forefront of a continually evolving sector. With new evidence being produced all the time, there are always new treatments and resources to use in practice.

There are also opportunities to be involved in research first-hand, which can lead to seeing your results making a difference across the sector, not just with your own service users. This can involve collaborating with some of the top professionals in the sector on exciting and innovative projects.

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Why choose to work in psychiatry at Sussex Partnership?

As a psychiatrist at Sussex Partnership, you will be joining one of the most research active Trusts in the country. We are committed to supporting you to develop your career and focus on what matters to you. All our psychiatrists are encouraged and supported to bring new ideas into the workplace, and continue with or start research projects. Within our teams, we also have research assistants to support you to undertake projects, and ensure you have the resource you need. We want to help you to achieve your research goals, to best support both your patients, and your own career ambitions.

We are a tight-knit team who are committed to supporting each other. No one is ever left to deal with a difficult or challenging situation by themselves, and there is always someone to talk to. Working alongside our highly qualified and specialist teams means you can draw on the expertise of your colleagues and work collaboratively with them.

At Sussex Partnership, we're proud to give you access to leading technology, including MRI and PET-CT scanning equipment, which will help you to explore new techniques and treatments.

We also have strong links with Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and many of our professionals are involved in teaching and other areas of education. If you have an interest in linking in with education, we'll support you to do this too.

We are committed to supporting your life outside of work as well. We offer flexible working opportunities and welcome discussions on how else we could support you.

By working with us, you also have access to one of the most beautiful parts of the country. There is something for everyone in Sussex and Hampshire – whether you like culture, the arts, the beach or the countryside, working here has something for you.

How we work - and what it's like to work with us

Working with us means working together with highly qualified professionals with an interest in all different areas of health. We work collaboratively and closely, and support each other in our work and research.

Our priority is to help you achieve your ambitions. We will give you opportunities to develop your career, and support you to pursue the areas that interest you. We want to create the right job for you, and if you're not sure what that is yet, we will work with you to help you find out.

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