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Bringing passion to care work

At Sussex Partnership, our nurses bring passion and care to work, and are highly valued across the Trust. Being a nurse is the perfect role for people who love challenging but extremely satisfying and valuable work.

Nursing is a huge area of health, and there are a great variety of roles. Opportunities for specialisation and development are widespread, and a career in nursing can take you to all sorts of different places.

What a career in
nursing has to offer

Job satisfaction is the number one thing a career in nursing has to offer. Seeing service users improve and get better is the best part of the job. Nurses have a unique contribution to patient care as they spend time with patients and build relationships with them. These relationships can improve people's lives in so many ways, by leading the care and treatment the person is receiving. Nurses are very skilled at connecting with people, being empathetic, and understanding their circumstances.

Nurses work across all different teams and share learning and skills to provide the best quality care. As a nurse, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow in different areas of healthcare. You can also develop your role into a range of different careers in the sector – such as moving into education or teaching, management, or other specialist services. There is great job stability within nursing that supports long-term career progression, and lots of training opportunities that contribute to life-long learning.

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Nurses are highly valued, trusted, and respected nationwide for all the good and important work they do – something that has only been strengthened by the pivotal role they have played in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Being a nurse gives you the opportunity to be a part of something special that people truly value.

Why choose to work in nursing at Sussex Partnership

Being a nurse at Sussex Partnership has so much to offer. As a specialist mental health and learning disabilities NHS Trust, our nursing roles are all within mental health nursing. A huge benefit of a career in mental health nursing is that it is very autonomous. Whilst general nursing can be more hierarchical and rule structured, mental health nurses have more independence to make decisions about their service users' care.

Job satisfaction

Mental health nursing can give a particularly high level of job satisfaction as you are working with people at some of the hardest times in their lives, and seeing them get better is extremely rewarding. Underpinning all mental health nursing is the belief that people can grow, change and improve, and you are there to help them. In this role at Sussex Partnership, you're taught about advanced communication with individuals and you will learn skills to support you to make strong and beneficial relationships with service users.

Career progression

We are committed to furthering your career progression and development – there are lots of opportunities available across the Trust. You can work with a wide range of patient groups, including older people, children, people with learning disabilities and more. Many of our teams working in these areas are nurse-led, and we support our nurses to take on leadership roles and grow through coaching and courses. Our strong links with local education establishments (e.g. Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust) give our nurses access to nationally recognised courses.

Representation at all levels

To reflect the importance of nursing within the Trust, we ensure that nurses are represented at all levels. For example, a nurse sits on the Executive Management Team to ensure that nursing is strongly supported throughout the organisation.

Staff wellbeing

We know that mental health nursing can be a challenging job. That's why we have a strong focus on staff wellbeing, and we're committed to supporting you. We offer flexible working opportunities so that your job can fit around other elements of your life, and our senior management team are always accessible and prepared to listen to staff.

How we work and what it's like to work with us

Working in one of our nursing teams is exciting, fast moving, rewarding, and also challenging. As a nurse, you need to be able to react and adapt to situations quickly, as circumstances can change with little or no warning, and you are often the first port of call for service users. No two days are the same, making this a stimulating and ever-changing career.

Using your initiative and being a leader

Working with us means using your initiative and being a leader. You will always be supported by an established framework of supervision and support, but we encourage our nurses to use their own ideas and instincts to support service users, and draw on the resources available, as they often know the needs and wants of their service users best.

Our nursing workforce are extremely supportive of each other, and work closely together to learn, help, and encourage each other in their different roles. We will support you to pursue your own interests within the job.

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Latest nursing vacancies

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