At Sussex Partnership we aspire to become a more diverse workplace where staff from all backgrounds and a variety of life experiences feel like they belong. 


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We make sure that inclusion is at the heart of our recruitment processes to ensure that our workforce reflects the diverse communities we serve. 

We have a dedicated Inclusive Recruitment Advisor who has reviewed our recruitment processes and established processes which are accessible and inclusive.

This has included revising our job adverts, job descriptions, recruitment correspondence and recruitment and selection policy and developing inclusive recruitment training to ensure that inclusion is at the top of the agenda. 

We are also a proud Disability Confident Employer and Armed Forces Covenant Gold Member. As a result, we are happy to offer a Guaranteed Interview Scheme for disabled candidates and candidates from the armed forces community.

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Lived experience recruitment

As an NHS trust which provides mental health, learning disability and neurodevelopmental care, we are passionate about advancing equality of opportunity for people with lived experience of these conditions - this includes in recruitment.

We value the expertise that people with lived experience can offer to help shape the design, development, delivery and evaluation of our services, whether that is in specific lived experience roles, or indeed any role across the Trust.  

Staff networks

We are proud of our increasingly diverse workforce. To amplify and hear the voice of our staff, it is vital that we support inclusive and effective channels of communication and learning. Our eight staff networks play a crucial role in this. They provide space for us celebrate difference, provide peer support, inspire staff and shape organisational growth.

The Armed Forces Community Staff Network is for anyone at Sussex Partnership that has an interest in supporting members of the Armed Forces Community.

You do not have to have served in the UK Armed Forces to be a part of the staff network. All interested people are welcome!

For advice about employment of ex-armed forces or current military reservists, please email Andy Stubbs.

Network contact:

A network to provide support and advice to disabled staff. We meet monthly via an online drop-in forum which is a safe space for members to discuss anything affecting them. Membership is open to all Trust staff and we encourage allyship as this promotes collaboration and a sense of community. We organise social events throughout the year and are proud to support Disability History Month in November each year.  

Network contact:

The Ethnic Minority Staff Network is run by volunteer ethnic minority staff (of all backgrounds and staff groups) within Sussex Partnership. The network aims to provide a safe space to discuss, develop, challenge and take action to promote race equality and diversity.

As a network, our focus is to:

  • Support you to feel safe and confident to voice your opinions
  • Represent your voice at the highest level across the Trust
  • Stand against harassment, bullying or abuse from members of the public or staff
  • Support and promote your wellbeing
  • Equip you with skills and confidence to pursue progress and unlock your leadership potential
  • Celebrate who we are and the richness of our experience, expertise and wisdom
  • Expand our membership and influence across the Trust

Network contact:

Our network is for LGBTQIA+ staff and colleagues who have stepped up as active allies to the community. It is run by staff for staff, co-chaired by Beth (she/they) and Emma (she/her).

Network members are occasionally asked to support and advise on corporate initiatives, but largely, the network is about bringing the community together, advocating for all things LGBTQIA+, supporting one another in the process.

The network holds monthly safe spaces for its members on Zoom and bi-annual away days focused on wellbeing and network planning. Network members have protected time to attend meetings and can also be remunerated for attending network meetings that fall outside of their working hours.

Agendas are set to reflect LGBTQIA+ issues for staff whether local, national or international. Monthly meetings can also include speakers with relevance to the community, usually with the Trust or other related organisations.

In 2023, the network participated in Worthing Pride, Brighton Trans Pride and Brighton Pride, informed by the work of the Network Pride Committee, opening up other ways to get involved in all things LGBTQIA+.

Network contact:

A network to advocate, support and celebrate staff with different brains.

A neurodivergent person is someone whose brain works differently to society's definition of what is considered 'normal'. Examples of neurodivergent brain functions include:

  • Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Epilepsy
  • Tourette's syndrome

The Neurodivergent Staff Network exists to advocate, support and celebrate staff with different brains. All staff are welcome to meetings, regardless of neuro-type!

In particular, we welcome those who know themselves to be neurodivergent, those who are questioning whether they might be and any supporters / allies of neurodivergent people. There is no pressure or expectation for attendees to share whether they identify as neurodivergent.

Network contact:

The Spirituality Staff Network aims to provide a safe space to promote the role of spirituality within the Trust. The Network exists to raise awareness of religion and belief within Sussex Partnership by encouraging celebration, connection and understanding. We offer opportunities for staff to practice their faith and spiritualty, and to meet others for mutual support.

Network contact:

A network for staff who have lived experience of mental health.

The VaLE (Valuing Lived Experience) Mental Health Staff network is aimed at all staff of Sussex Partnership who have lived experience of mental health difficulties. You don't need to have been diagnosed with a specific mental health condition in order to be part of the network. Lived experience of mental health is any experience of mental health distress that you may have had as part of being human.

All network members are welcome to attend meetings and events. In particular, we welcome staff who identify with having lived experience and those who might be allies and supporters. We recognise that it can be very difficult to share our own lived experience of mental health difficulties within our professional roles and workplaces, due to the stigma that is unfortunately still too prevalent around mental health. We hope that the network will be able to promote a more positive narrative around lived experience of mental health difficulties and really highlight the value that these experiences can bring to our practice and job roles.

Network contact:

A network to address systemic inequalities for women at all levels and dismantle the barriers to career progression that many women face.

The aims of the network are to provide a supportive, listening environment to members and help facilitate action and response to issues raised. We want to provide a safe space for you to discuss concerns, ideas and ambitions – and support you to resolve and achieve! 

The network wants to celebrate the richness women bring to the workplace and the wealth of experience they bring with them:

  • Career progression and barriers
  • Sexual safety / domestic abuse
  • Body image issues
  • Intersectionality
  • Childcare and family issues
  • Training opportunities
  • Menopause resources

We will look, together, at ways we can take issues forward to find resolution and impact change in our organisation.

Network contact: